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Justicia Gendarussa / Shukh Shanti

Justicia Gendarussa / Shukh Shanti

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Discover the grace of Shukh Shanti, scientifically known as Justicia Gendarussa, an enchanting flowering plant that adds natural beauty to your surroundings. Shukh Shanti, with its delicate, willow-like leaves and clusters of charming white blossoms, exudes tranquility and serenity. This versatile plant, also known as "Water Willow," thrives in various environments, from gardens to indoor spaces. Its medicinal properties have been recognized for their potential health benefits. Embrace the elegance of Shukh Shanti and enjoy the soothing presence of this botanical gem, whether in your garden or as an indoor companion. 

The Shukh Shanti plant is revered for its reputed ability to bring both happiness and prosperity. In Indian households, it holds a sacred and divine status, deeply embedded in cultural traditions. Additionally, this plant enjoys immense popularity in Ayurvedic medicine due to its remarkable medicinal properties. 

Its name is Nirgundi plant. It is also known by other names such as Sukh Shanti ka Sukhchain or Sukhchain plantAmong its various names are Justicia, Vasa, Adhatoda, Arush, Adusa, and Bisota, reflecting its significance in diverse healing practices. 

Shukh Shanti is typically resilient against pests and diseases. However, under unfavorable conditions, it may become vulnerable to common pests such as mealy bugs, aphids, spider mites, and occasionally whiteflies. If you notice any pest infestations, consider using organic pesticides or insecticidal soap as effective treatments to safeguard your plant's health.

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      The actual product may slightly differ from the image shown, as it is indicative. The plant's shape, design, number of leaves, and size depend on seasonal availability.

      Please note that the received product may not precisely match the displayed image due to natural variations in plant growth and availability. Flower/ Petals and some leaves may drop during transport, but new leaves will sprout again within few days. 

      Plant Care: Upon receiving your live plants, it's essential to offer them water promptly to rejuvenate them after their journey. Position the plant in an area with indirect sunlight, allowing it to gradually regain its vitality.

      Repotting Instructions: Once the plant has fully recovered, you may contemplate repotting it in nutrient-rich soil, either within its current decorative pot or a new one. Ensure the selected pot features adequate drainage holes to prevent overwatering, especially if the decorative pot lacks these holes.

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          Plant Care

          Light & Temperature

          For the optimal growth and care of your Shukh Shanti plant, consider the following temperature and placement recommendations:

          • Shukh Shanti thrives in temperatures above 10°C (50°F), so ensure it is placed in an environment that meets this temperature requirement.
          • When the danger of frost has passed, you can safely move the plant outdoors to enjoy the natural elements and sunlight.
          • Keep the plant away from direct heat sources, as excessive heat can be detrimental to its health and well-being.


          To ensure the well-being of your Shukh Shanti plant, follow these watering guidelines:

          • Water the plant when the top one inch of soil feels dry to the touch.
          • Avoid watering during rainy periods when the soil is naturally moist.
          • During the winter months, reduce the frequency of watering to prevent potential diseases and overhydration.


          Shukh Shanti thrives in well-draining, loamy, and fertile soil with an optimal pH level ranging from 6 to 7.5. To support its growth and vitality, consider applying a balanced liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks. Additionally, replacing the top two-inch layer of soil with nutrient-rich compost annually or every six months can greatly benefit this plant's health and overall development.

          General Tips

          • Type: Shukh Shanti is a versatile plant, encompassing spiritual and medicinal significance. It features dark green foliage and delicate white flowers, making it a captivating addition to your collection. This tropical plant thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings.
          • Size: This plant typically reaches an overall height of about 12 inches, measured from the bottom of the pot to the highest leaf, with a spread of 4 to 6 inches.
          • Bloom Season: In its evergreen shrub form, this plant blossoms during the vibrant season of spring.
          • Maximum Height: Shukh Shanti can attain a maximum height of up to 3 feet (36 inches), showcasing its potential for growth.
          • Difficulty: Known for its ease of cultivation and low maintenance requirements, Shukh Shanti is a perfect choice for both beginners and experienced plant enthusiasts.

          Product Description

          Product Features

          • Shukh Shanti is a versatile plant with spiritual and medicinal significance.
          • It features dark green foliage and delicate white flowers, making it visually appealing.
          • This tropical plant can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments.
          • It blooms during the vibrant spring season and can reach a maximum height of up to 3 feet.
          • Shukh Shanti is known for its ease of cultivation and low maintenance requirements, making it suitable for all levels of plant enthusiasts.
          • It prefers well-draining, loamy soil with a pH level between 6 and 7.5 for optimal growth.
          • Regular fertilization and soil maintenance with compost contribute to its health and vitality.
          • When it comes to watering, ensure the top one inch of soil is dry before rewatering, and reduce watering during the winter to prevent diseases.
          • It prefers temperatures above 10°C (50°F) and should be moved outdoors after the danger of frost has passed.
          • Keep the plant away from direct heat sources to maintain its well-being.
          • While typically resistant to pests and diseases, it may be attacked by common pests like mealy bugs, aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies when grown in poor conditions. Organic pesticides or insecticidal soap can be used for treatment.

          Dimensions & Specifications

          • Plant Size: Approximately 12 inches in overall height, from the bottom of the pot to the top leaf, with a 4-6 inch spread.
          • Plant Type: Spiritual, Medicinal, Foliage (Dark Green Colour), Flower (White Colour), Tropical plant.
          • Plant Placement: Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
          • Bloom Season: Spring (Evergreen shrub).
          • Maximum Reachable Height: Up to 3 feet (36 inches).
          • Soil Type: Loamy, fertile soil with good drainage; pH level around 6 to 7.5 is optimal.
          • Fertilization: Apply balanced liquid fertilizer once every couple of weeks.
          • Soil Maintenance: Replace the top two-inch layer of soil with compost every year or every six months for optimal growth.

          What's Included

          • Healthy & robust Shukh Shanti Plant of upto 7-10 inches in height ( 9-12 inch including Pot) 
          • 4.5 inch Decor Round Pot (Randomly selected any color pot from  White/ Red/ Yellow/ Pink/ Black/ Green/ Blue Pot (As shown in the image)
          • Marker
          • Free Delivery - PAN India
          • GST Included
          • The mentioned specifications are indicative only. Actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

          Shipping & Returns

          • Delivery Period: This product is shipped using our trusted courier partners, and the delivery period is approximately 7 days, depending on the delivery location.
          • Timing of Delivery: Please note that your gift may be delivered prior to or after the requested date of delivery, if any. Different ordered items may be delivered through various delivery partners.
          • Non-Delivery Days: Our delivery partners do not operate on Sundays and National Holidays.
          • Delivery Confirmation: Our delivery partners do not call prior to delivering an order. We recommend providing an address where someone will be present to receive the package.
          • Address Change: Kindly note that the delivery cannot be redirected to any other address after the order has been dispatched.
          • Order Tracking: Once your order is dispatched from our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number to trace your delivery.
          • Plant Care: For live plants, we advise providing water as soon as the plant arrives, as it may get dehydrated during transit. Place the plant in indirect sunlight, and it will gradually regain vitality.
          • Repotting Instructions: After the plant has fully recovered, consider repotting it in nutrient-rich soil, either in its current pot or a new one. Ensure the chosen pot has proper drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.
          • Return Policy: Please note that return of live plants is not allowed. If you have any concerns, kindly share an opening video of package and pictures for consideration of a replacement claim.

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