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Ultimate Organic Compost Mix 20 Kg

Ultimate Organic Compost Mix 20 Kg

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Are you looking for a comprehensive solution to nourish your plants and ensure their overall growth? Look no further! We present to you the ultimate organic compost mix, carefully crafted to provide a complete and balanced diet for all your plants. This powerful blend combines the benefits of various organic components, including Vermicompost, Cow dung Compost, Neem Cake Powder, Kitchen waste compost, Leaves Mould compost, Perlite, Vermiculite, Bone Meal, Epsom salt, coco peat, and more.

  1. Vermicompost: Rich in essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms, vermicompost enhances soil fertility, promotes root development, and aids in disease prevention.

  2. Cow dung Compost: A traditional organic fertilizer, cow dung compost enriches the soil with vital nutrients, improves soil structure, and supports healthy plant growth.

  3. Neem Cake Powder: Derived from the neem tree, this natural fertilizer acts as a pest repellent, strengthens plant immunity, and enriches the soil with nitrogen, potassium, and other essential nutrients.

  4. Kitchen waste compost: Utilizing kitchen waste through composting not only reduces waste but also provides a nutrient-rich soil amendment that improves moisture retention and encourages microbial activity.

  5. Leaves Mould compost: Composting leaves produces a nutrient-dense organic material that enhances soil structure, adds humus, and promotes aeration.

  6. Perlite and Vermiculite: These mineral additives enhance soil drainage, improve aeration, and assist in root development.

  7. Bone Meal: A valuable source of phosphorus and calcium, bone meal contributes to root growth, flowering, and overall plant vigor.

  8. Epsom salt: Adding Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to the compost mix provides plants with a readily available source of magnesium, which aids in chlorophyll production and nutrient uptake.

  9. Coco peat: Derived from coconut husks, coco peat improves water retention, aeration, and nutrient absorption, promoting healthy root development.

To use this organic compost mix, simply incorporate it into your potting soil or garden beds during planting or periodically as a top dressing. Remember to follow the recommended application rates for each component and adjust based on your specific plant requirements.

Investing in this complete food for your plants will lead to healthier, more vibrant, and productive gardens. Embrace the power of organic composting and witness the remarkable difference it can make in your plant's growth and vitality.

Note: Before using any new compost mix or fertilizer, it is advisable to conduct a small-scale test to ensure compatibility with your specific plants and soil conditions.


How to add Ultimate Organic Compost Mix ?

  • Till the soil, so that the soil is loose and allows the organic product to mix completely. 
  • Use approx.  250 gms small pots (upto 8 inch Pots), 350 gms in medium pots (upto 10 inch pots) and 400 gms in large pots 3-4 times in a month. Avoid sprinkling on leaves.
  • Add approx. 1/2 inch of soil above and pour water, so that the product thoroughly mixed with the soil.
  • Reduce frequency in winters.

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    Product Description

    Product Features

    • Vermicompost: Rich in essential nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.
    • Cow dung Compost: Enhances soil fertility and improves soil structure.
    • Neem Cake Powder: Acts as a pest repellent and enriches the soil with vital nutrients.
    • Kitchen waste compost: Reduces waste and improves moisture retention in the soil.
    • Leaves Mould compost: Enhances soil structure, adds humus, and promotes aeration.
    • Perlite and Vermiculite: Improve soil drainage and assist in root development.
    • Bone Meal: Provides phosphorus and calcium for root growth and flowering.
    • Epsom salt: Supplies magnesium for chlorophyll production and nutrient uptake.
    • Coco peat: Improves water retention, aeration, and nutrient absorption in the soil.
    • Comprehensive blend: Provides a complete and balanced diet for plants.
    • Supports overall growth: Enhances plant vigor and productivity.
    • Increases soil fertility: Enriches the soil with essential nutrients.
    • Promotes disease resistance: Boosts plant immunity.
    • Improves root development: Supports healthy root systems.
    • Suitable for various plant types: Flowers, vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals.
    • Easy to use: Incorporate into potting soil or garden beds during planting or as a top dressing.
    • Follow recommended application rates: Adjust based on specific plant requirements.
    • Organic and environmentally friendly: Harnesses the power of natural materials.
    • Promotes vibrant and healthy gardens: Leads to healthier and more productive plants.

    Dimensions & Specifications

    This comprehensive blend of organic materials creates a well-balanced compost mix that addresses the nutritional needs of your plants. It supports overall growth, increases soil fertility, enhances disease resistance, and promotes strong root systems. The mix is suitable for various plant types, including flowers, vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals.


    What's Included

    • Ultimate Organic Compost Mix ~Approx. 20Kg in a high quality water proof bag. 
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    • GST Included

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    The product will be dispatched in 1-3 days & delivered in 7-10 days.

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