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4 In 1 Digital Soil Meter - Light, pH, Temperature & Moisture Meter

4 In 1 Digital Soil Meter - Light, pH, Temperature & Moisture Meter

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The 4-in-1 Soil Survey Instrument can test soil moisture, pH value, temperature and surrounding sunlight intensity and display the readings in the wide LCD screen. The digital meter provides you with accurate content through readings for healthy plant growth. It is an excellent device for beginners and busy plant parents who often stay confused when it comes to maintaining their plants. 

Using The 4 in 1 Soil Meter

Soil meters are fairly easy to use. Follow these steps for all 3 readings:

  • Press the ON key to start the device and remove the protective bushing from the prong. 
  • Insert the prong (long steel bar like structures) of your soil meter into the soil gently to avoid damaging the roots.
  • For small pots upto 5 inches, insert moisture meter upto 2 inches depth, while for large pots insert the into the medium depth of the pot.
  • Never insert the device just in the periphery of the soil or too deep as the deeper layers of soil are mostly moist and upper layers of soil dries quickly, when it comes to measuring the moisture.
  • Keep the soil meter in the pot at least for 30-60 seconds to get an accurate reading.

Understanding the Readings


Insert the probe deeply into the soil reaching the root level. A moisture meter gives readings ranging from Very Dry to Very Wet. 

Very Dry Dry Normal Wet Very Wet

The moisture meter gives the reading for the soil moisture. Water your plants when the reading show DRY+ or DRY. 


Hold the meter next to the plant, facing the light source. Avoid touching the sensor located underneath the gauge. Make sure the readings are corresponding to the amount of light your plant needs. These readings fall into these categories:


Extremely Low

Very Low

Mildy Low

Low Normal Moderate

Mildly High

Very High

Extremely High



Push the PH/TEMP switch at the back of the device to calculate pH and insert the probe deeply but gently in the soil. pH level ranges between 1 and 14, with 1 being most acidic and 14 being most alkaline. A pH reading greater than 7, indicates alkalinity while a lesser than 7 indicates acidity. Plants prefer a neutral to slightly acidic pH between 6.2 and 7.2 for optimum growth.

  • Highly Alkaline Soil (>7.5) bleaches the leaves out and stunts the growth.
  • Highly Acidic Soil (<5.8) leads to wilting and leaf shedding.

SOIL Temperature

Push the PH/TEMP switch at the back of the device to calculate Temperature and insert the probe deeply but gently in the soil. The ideal temperature for indoor plants is 70 degrees F - 80 degrees F in the daytime and 65 degrees F - 70 degrees F in the nighttime. Outdoor plants are more tolerant of temperature extremes.

Care Tips For Soil Meter

  • Clean the prongs immediately after every use.
  • Wipe the prongs using a soft cloth or wipe and put the bushing/ protective cover. 
  • Let the prongs dry and keep them in a moisture-proof container.

Features Of Soil Meter

  • Measures moisture content of soil and helps in watering the plant.
  • Measures Light to ensure your plant is getting adequate light.
  • Measures Soil pH for optimum growth.
  • Measures Soil Temperature. 
  • Requires 9V volt battery for use, lasts few months. The Soil Meter has an auto turn-off feature after 5 minutes to improve battery usage.

What's Included?

  • 1x 4 In 1 Soil Meter - Light, pH, Temperature & Moisture Meter
  • 1x 9 Volt battery
  • Free Delivery
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