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Basic Tools Kits - Set of 3 (Khurpi, Scissors, Gloves)

Basic Tools Kits - Set of 3 (Khurpi, Scissors, Gloves)

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Gardening has never been easier with these perfect companions for your plants. These Gardening tools are all you will need to ensure that you take care of your plants the right way. Durable, easy to use and an all-essential component, this kit contains everything you will need for tilling, pulling weeds, loosening soil, and much more.

The Kit contains Gloves, Scissors and Khurpi- that are essentially in trimming, pruning and loosening the soil of your plant to ensure that the plant is growing in a uniform manner with a strong root system. The gloves keep the grip sturdy as you make your way to discard the infected or dead parts of the plant with the scissors as well as to dig the soil to promote aeration and drainage.  

About Basic Tools Kits - Set of 3 (Khurpi, Scissors, Gloves)

1. Gardening Pruner/Scissor

  • The scissors can be used to cut off the dead parts or infected areas of the plant.
  • Make sure you do not use these to cut wires or cables to nick the blade and blunt it. 
  • Clean the scissors post trimming and lubricate once every few months to ensure they stay flexible to be used. 

Please Note: The Scissors sent are coated with lubricant oil to ensure proper functioning and prevent rust. Please wipe the handles with a dry cloth prior to use.

2. Gardening Gloves

  • Wear these polyester cotton heavy-duty gloves while using these tools to ensure you do not hurt your hands and keep a steady grip on these tools.
  • Ergonomically designed with a one-size-fit-all quality, these gloves fit like a second skin to ensure you have a hassle-free gardening experience while protecting your hands from cuts, germs, bugs etc.
  • Use these gloves while treating your plants with Neem Oil or Rubbing Alcohol to protect your hand from allergen components in your insecticides and pesticides.

3. Khurpi

  • Essentially used for tilling, digging and loosening soil, use this sturdy gardening tool to dig out hard and dry soil to loosen it.
  • Make sure to use this only on dry soil and not on wet soil. The tool is meant for surface application. If you are using it to till the soil for potted plants then make sure that you dig along the sides and be careful of the plant roots.
  • The Khurpi is a sharp object and it is advisable to wear gloves during its usage to ensure your hands are protected from cuts and debris.

What's Included?

1. The kit contains a set of 3 tools: Scissors, Khurpi and Hand gloves
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