The Perfect Dwarf Plants to enliven your Homes and Office Spaces

The Perfect Dwarf Plants to enliven your Homes and Office Spaces

Plants can instil a great deal of organic character to an otherwise dull office environment. Large and luscious philodendrons and majesty palms are perfect for adding a revitalizing effect to any room and occupying empty corners and walls. However, huge plants like that aren’t always the best for tiny apartments and less-than-spacious homes. Thankfully, there are a plethora of choices for dwarf plants and small indoor plants that can help provide the subtle splash of green without taking up a sizable chunk of your space! Having small desk plants will improve air quality apart from increasing productivity and adding a focal point to your workplace.

The best part about small potted plants and congested spaces is the opportunity to get innovative and think how you can add the most foliage, given the limited resources. A low-maintenance houseplant that can thrive in lower light and pull through a missed watering or two is a brilliant investment to spruce up even the most boring of cubicles. 

Here is a list of the 8 most sought-after, pint-sized green buddies that will surely elevate your workspace game!

1. Zamioculus Zamifolia or the ZZ plant  

zz plant - office plant -  leafy island

The ZZ plant has been around for centuries, originating in drought-prone Africa, long cherished for its luscious and glossy, dark green leaves. Belonging to the Araceae family, the plant is recognized for its propagating potential and natural aptitude for survival. In just a short amount of time, ZZ plants have entered hearts, homes, and offices all over the world.

Topping the list of indestructible houseplants, the ZZ plant is practically tailor-made for unsympathetic workspaces, cramped for space and sunlight. Even though ZZs display faster growth when exposed to bright light, they'll still hold up just fine in any dark corner of your home. If your office lacks windows or any sufficient source of light, then this is the plant you want to have on your desk. Plus, it's a sturdy plant—if its leaves start falling off; just give it plenty of water and it'll bounce right back.

Bring home this beautiful, natural air-cleansing ZZ plant here! 

2. Spider Plant

spider plant - plants for office - leafy island

The spider plant is one resilient houseplant that can endure even the challenging growing conditions of your home office. It improves indoor air quality, lending your workspace a cleaner, greener and more refreshing vibe. This humble indoor plant falls into the category of natural air cleansers, reducing particulate matter and removing major air pollutants such as Toluene, Benzene, and Formaldehyde. This plant, also known as Chlorophytum comosum, has abundant, long, skinny leaves that poke out from their pots.  

Since these plants prefer to dry out before the next watering, you can usually go a few days between sessions. They enjoy indirect light, so they'll flourish even if you have a moderately lit office. These plants are one of the best to keep on office desks and table-tops. They also make interesting hanging plants thanks to their dangling leaves, creating a visually aesthetic impact in any office space. The spider plant also synonyms with other names including the “airplane plant” and the “ribbon plant” — courtesy to its iconic foliage.

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3. Snake Plant

Snake Plant- Office Plant- Leafy Island

The tough nature of the Sanseviera or the snake plant, also infamously known as “mother-in-law’s tongue” means that it can thrive in typical dry air, low lighting conditions, characteristic of an office environment. Its strappy leaves make a delightful statement, softening the blow of the monotonous decor. Since these plants undergo vertical growth, they are ideal for tight spaces that are in need of some greenery. They're basically designed for the kind of office life where you can't afford to spare time off your work; they might continue to grow into their owner’s retirement.

Perfect for houseplant newbies, snake plants are easy to care for and are also useful for purifying the air. The plant has earned its name for its anti-pollutant properties through studies backed by NASA, so it’s the ideal candidate for your bedside tables and nightstands. They make for an exquisite display when showcased as a collection or combined with other dwarf plants on your office desk or side table.  They can also withstand long periods of time without water­­ - simply dump your water bottle on it on your way out the door once a week and enjoy this slow-growing desk plant. 

Bring home this NASA verified indoor air purifying Snake Plant  today! 

4. Jade Plant  

Widely acclaimed for its ability to attract wealth and prosperity, the jade is a succulent houseplant that survives well even in harsh indoor conditions. An excellent plant for brightening your home or work space, its plentiful, dark green leaves require only direct sunlight for a few hours a day, so it can sit just about anywhere in your office.  

With their thick, woody stems and plump, round shaped leaves, jades are reminiscent of miniature trees that make them very alluring plants for decorating office desks and workspaces. Jades adapt well to the snuggly, dry conditions found in most homes. Plus, they’re fairly resilient and long-lived, often passed down for generations. To keep your plant’s leaves smooth and glossy, wipe them down every once in a while to prevent dust build up. This will ensure that the leaves stay shiny and increase their ability to absorb sunlight.

Elevate the positivity of your home with this low maintenance Jade plant.

5. Red Aglaonema

This multi-coloured eye cracker is admired extensively for its pink stems and reddish-pink leaf tips that are sure to imbue a great deal of personality to your workspace. Its vibrant green, pink and red foliage makes it a standout office desk plant.

Surprisingly, the Red Aglaonema is an easy going houseplant that is considered a harbinger of good fortune and also earns its name as the Lucky Plant as per Feng Shui. It can go without water for a few weeks if you’re away from home or too busy to water. However, the plant shows the most colour in bright to medium indirect light indoors. With its ability to emit high levels of oxygen, and remove toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air, this dwarf plant is well and truly the whole package!

Brighten up your home with a dash of colour and positivity with the beautiful Red Aglaonema Plant!

6. Lucky Bamboo   

The Lucky Bamboo is another prosperity bringing entry in the list of small office desk plants. In addition, it’s known to repel obstacles and evil spirits (and annoying co-workers). This “lucky” plant enjoys filtered indirect sunlight and demands only a token amount of space to thrive well, meaning it's basically made for those dark and dingy office cubicles. The icing on the cake - it'll even give your work space a much-needed Feng Shui boost.

These plants come in a variety of layers and sizes, although regular pruning can ensure that they remain the charming dwarf plants that you keep in your office. If you choose to grow your lucky bamboo in water, make sure you replace the water every 3-5 days and prefer filtered water. If you plant it in soil, water it when the top inch of the pot starts to feel dry.

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7. Echeveria

The echeveria falls into the category of your standard succulents. Tiny plants like these are more commonly found at office and home desks due to their miniature status, both in maintenance and size. Echeverias are known to thrive in a range of light conditions that becomes a decisive component in their leaf colour and are easily propagated if they become leggy over time. A common cause of death, however, is excessive watering. These waxy succulents actually retain water in their thick leaves. Make sure to let your plants’ soil dry completely before giving them another drink.

There is such a multitude of Echeveria species, that you are bound to find one you adore. In the last few years they have emerged as trendy dwarf plants for your office desks and tables. These compact succulents can be grown alone in tiny pots, or planted amongst other Echeveria or other succulents to make really enticing arrangements. 

Decorate your table tops with this no-fuss mini succulent!

8. Peace Lily

Peace Lily- Office Plants- Leafy Island

Peace lilies are one of the most suitable houseplants for the dark corners of your office (even windowless ones). They can even flourish under fluorescent light, so they’re perfect for spaces that have little or no natural light. Their striking, satiny-smooth leaves regularly need moist soil with proper drainage to look their best. Water this tropical plant only when the soil is completely dry to touch, otherwise you’ll have an unhappy flower on your hands.

True to its name, the peace lily will add an element of zen to your space, even when it’s surrounded by a week’s worth of laundry. According to research studies by NASA, peace lilies enhance indoor air quality, by removing airborne VOCs faster than any other houseplant. Mist the leaves at least thrice a week in the mornings and make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight!

Bring this gorgeous Peace Lily plant to decorate your space today.

Want to add some plants to your workspace? What are you waiting for? There are plenty of options out there, even if you have a small amount of space to work with. The above assortment of plants will surely notch up the aesthetic quotient of your office space. With their excellent air purification qualities, and their compliance with Feng Shui principles, bring home these beautiful plants that fit perfectly on your office desk!

Author: Siddharth Sharma

About the Author: Siddharth is a budding economics enthusiast and fervent admirer of the written word. He would love to see the world filled with innovative ventures and restore it's pristine habitats to their once dignified glory. When he's not writing, you can find him whipping up a delectable, wholesome meal. Siddharth is also a devoted plant parent and feels blessed to call Jaipur home.

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