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Fiber Mini Wine Bucket - Wooden finish - Premium Fiberglass Pot set 1/3

Fiber Mini Wine Bucket - Wooden finish - Premium Fiberglass Pot set 1/3

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This Mini Wine Bucket Planter is crafted with love & passion towards plants. It is made of Fiberglass which gives it the strength to last up to 8-9 years. The Mini Wine Bucket planter is given a wooden finish & is painted by hand by craftsmen. The planter is handcrafted & uses no electricity or heating for production. 


  1. The pot has a premium wooden look. 
  2. The pot is sturdy & long-lasting. 
  3. It is made of fibreglass & is highly durable. 
  4. Each pot is crafted & painted individually making each pot unique in its own sense. 
  5. These pots are extremely lightweight. 
  6. It is suitable for both indoors & outdoors. 
  7. It can support plants that are up to 20 inches in height. 
  8. Rustproof & frost resistant. 
  9. Free Delivery in Bengaluru.

The image is representative. The actual product may slightly differ in colour shade as each of these pots are painted by hard-working craftsmen. These are not machine created pots. 

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