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LI Metal Moroccan Lantern | Tealight Holder | Antique Metal Lantern Hanging Set of 2/ 4

LI Metal Moroccan Lantern | Tealight Holder | Antique Metal Lantern Hanging Set of 2/ 4

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LI Metal Moroccan Lantern | Tealight Holder | Antique Metal Lantern Hanging Set of 2/ 4 is a decorative Lantern in Moroccan Style.

LI Metal Moroccan Lantern can accent your home or office for the right decor. Perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room's decor. It is  Made from high quality material, Durable and Long lasting. It is a perfect gift for your loved ones. 

Ideal For  Decoration, Gifting, Diwali Decoration, Christmas Party Decoration, Home Decor, Candle Light Dinner, valentine gift for girlfriend / boyfriend and valentine gift  for wife.


The image is representative. The actual product may differ slightly in colour/ shade/ shape.  

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Product Description

Product Features

Metal Moroccan lanterns are beautiful and intricate lanterns that can be used for a variety of purposes in home decor.

  • Decorative lighting: The intricate metalwork of a Moroccan lantern can create beautiful patterns of light and shadow when used as a decorative lighting element. You can place the lantern on a table or hang it from a hook or ceiling to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Outdoor lighting: Moroccan lanterns can be used outdoors to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance in your garden or patio. You can hang the lantern from a tree or place it on a table to add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.
  • Centerpiece: A Moroccan lantern can be used as a centerpiece for your dining table or coffee table. You can fill the lantern with candle to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Wedding decor: Moroccan lanterns are a popular choice for wedding decor, as they can add a touch of romance and sophistication to the occasion. You can use them as centerpieces or hang them from the ceiling to create a magical ambiance.

Gift: A metal Moroccan lantern can be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a loved one. They can be used as a decorative element in any room, and their intricate design makes them a unique and meaningful gift.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Height 15.0 Cm 
  • Length 8 Cm
  • Width 8 Cm
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Material Metal
  • Country of origin India


What's Included

What's Included?

  • LI Metal Moroccan Lantern  Set of 2/ 4 as per your selection.
  • Free Delivery
  • GST Included

Shipping & Returns

The product will be dispatched in 1-3 days & delivered in 7-10 days.

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