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Cubic Tipped Terrarium Planter

Cubic Tipped Terrarium Planter

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Exquisitely and intricately designed, these delicate glass terrariums are the ultimate decor piece you will ever need for your indoor space. Beautifully designed with geometric outlook, these gorgeous terrariums create the essence of the great outdoors in a mini planter. Plant tiny succulents, moss and terrarium plants in the planter for a sophisticated look.


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Product Description

Product Features

Cubic Tipped Terrarium Features 

  • The planter is made of glass and is geometric in shape with metal outlines to give off a polished look.
  • It is suitable for indoor and office spaces as a desk addition.
  • Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe dust gently.
  • The price is inclusive of tax and the planter has FREE DELIVERY.

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions & Specifications

  • Planter Diameter 25 Cm
  • Cubic Tipped Terrarium Planter is a type of planter that is designed in a cube shape and is typically made of clear glass. It is a closed container that is used to hold small plants or succulents for decorative purposes.
  • Cubic Tipped Terrarium Planter is often filled with a layer of small rocks or pebbles at the bottom to provide drainage for the plants. The plants are then planted in a layer of soil or sand, and the planter is closed with a lid or cover to create a miniature ecosystem.
  • These planters are a popular choice for creating unique and eye-catching displays in any indoor space, and they can be used to showcase a variety of plant species, including moss, ferns, succulents, and air plants.


What's Included

What's Included

  • 1 Planter of dimensions: Diameter: 25 cm
  • Delivery Time: The product will be shipped separately from other items, delivery time is 8-12 days.
  • GST Included

Shipping & Returns

The product will be dispatched in 1-3 days & delivered in 7-10 days.

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