Summer Plants To Grow In 2022

Summer Plants To Grow In 2022

The growing season is here with warmer day times and cool evening breeze, marking this as a perfect time for the summer plants to grow in your garden. From tropical foliar varieties to colorful flowering ones, there is a plant for every plant parent. 

Here are some of the most sought-after plants that you can get this summer season!

Indoor Plants

1. Areca Palm

A beautiful tropical foliar variety, Areca Palms are the 'It' plant for the busy plant parent. Low maintenance and extremely attractive, it's fringy fronds are sure to bring a leafy outlook to any space. And what's more- these also prove as excellent air-purifying plants. Talk about beauty and benefits!

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2. Fiddle Plants

If tall and magnificent is the look you are going for, then nothing can beat this plant. Fiddle Leaf Figs are known to be 'The' plant when it comes to interior decor. Their large showy leaves, with a thick canopy on top, making them excellent living room addition.

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3. Monstera Plants

Monstera plants grow to swoon you. With their artistically fenestered leaves, Monstera plants have become a must-have addition to plant parents who have an eye for an aesthetic lookout. This vining variety is soon gaining popularity with plant parents around the world.

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4. Pothos/Money Plants

Regardless of the season, Money Plants are always a plant parent's favorite. With their minimal maintenance variety and their versatility to grow in multiple mediums, Money plants are soon emerging to be the favorite hydroponics as well! And what's more- these plants are a popular gifting option as they are known to bring good luck!

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5. Philodendron

Philodendrons are some of the best creeper plants that you can keep at your home. With a wide range of varieties. there will always be a Philodendron for you. This is one of the best plants for amateur as well as hassle-free loving plant parents. 

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Flowering Plants

1. Hibiscus

Hibiscus is the local favorite of people, especially in tropical countries. Vibrant, neglect tolerant and blooming in colors ranging from white, yellow, red, and pink, shoe-flower is perhaps that one flower that can grow in any season without much effort.

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2. Cosmos

If you are on the lookout for flowers that give your garden mesmerizing scenery then the cosmos are some of the best Indian summer flowers to choose from. They have fragrant blooms with soft-feathery star-like flowers, and come in a variety of colour shades from white, pink rose, to mauve.

3. Portulaca

Portulaca are some of the most widely grown flowers in India. They bloom in tantalizing colours ranging from rose pink, crimson, scarlet, yellow, and magenta and are excellent for apartment gardens.

4. Jasmine

Fragrant, pristine and easy going- Jasmine is every plant parent's favorite when it comes to fragrant flowers. With their subtle sweet smell, Jasmines have been popular choices, especially for people with apartment gardens.

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5. Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are quite easy to grow in your home gardens. With their low maintenance streak, if you are looking for decor and showy flowering plants, then you should consider the zinnia plants. They produce flowers yellow, white, rust, brown, maroon, and red.

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Succulents & Cactus

With their increasing popularity and growing dominance in the home décor spectrum, many people are still unaware of these amazing plants called Succulents. Thick leaved and available in a rainbow of colours, Succulents are the perfect plant for almost everyone. Whether you are a new plant parent, a serial plant killer or the ultimate leafy patron, there is a succulent for everyone. 

If you are a serial plant killer - then Cactus is the plant for you. Absolutely zero maintenance and drought tolerant, if you are a negligent plant parent or have to travel most of the time, get this little one for yourself. Make sure to keep it under direct sunlight and water once every 20-25 days and it is good to go!

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