5 Best choices for Tall Plant Lovers

5 Best choices for Tall Plant Lovers

With a majority of us spending more time indoors than ever this year, we seem to have lost our touch with the outside world of fresh air, sunshine and nature, more specifically, the green, leafy world. Every home looks and feels more alive with lush, pristine greenery. Indoor plants act as natural humidifiers and air purifiers. In addition, they are known to induce relaxation, improve attention span, and reduce stress levels. While we will always love our small houseplants and adorable tiny succulents, there is nothing as extraordinary as having large, oversized plants in the house. Just a few tall plants can turn your home into a tropical oasis; from being a calm and composed presence to lending a jungle-y vibe, these towering indoor plants will make your space more colorful, ambient and cozy.

Is my home ready for a tall plant?

Most people make the mistake of deciding which plant to buy before knowing where it should go. Frankly, you should choose the perfect place to put your plant before you go plant shopping. This is because different plants will blossom in different settings, depending upon the amount of space and light available. Now that we mention it, you’ve really started thinking about it. And before you drift astray...if any of the following questions has ever crossed your mind, we might have an answer for you (Don’t worry! We have you covered :) )

  • There is a dull, boring corner in my home that needs a style boost? 

Tall plants will take your once average spaces and turn them into something truly spectacular. They are experts at making any corner feel more creative and refreshing.

  • The entrance of my home looks empty. Can a plant here make it more welcoming? 

Well, why should any home entrance look drab and uninteresting? Some tall plants standing on the porch can lend your home that distinguished, stately vibe. You’re a proud owner every time you walk in or out!

  • The dining area is all wood and no green. How can I make it more warm and guest-friendly? 

Don’t go looking for more furniture! There is a fabulous tall plant waiting to provide that verdant connection you’re missing. You’re saving valuable money this way!

  • There’s lots of vacant space on my balcony. What should I do?

Get some green monsters! You wake up every morning and go out into the balcony to look at the skyline. Well, you have your own skyline to look at in your home now!

The pondering can go on, but we think you get the gist. So read along for our top picks!

Top 5 tall indoor plants for your home

Here are some of the most loved tall indoor plants for all corners, walls and empty spaces, and how to keep them thriving in your home.

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
Fiddle Leaf- Home Plants- Leafy Island

There's a reason this tall ficus plant is trending as an indoor ornamental plant right now. With their glossy, deep-green leaves, they are simply raring to jazz up those less-than-bright corners of your home. They look incredible in planters and offer strong foliage elements to any space.

If you have an eye for high-end detailing and want something to go with your furniture, this can be the “trunk card” for your home décor!

Don’t forget to dust the leaves and rotate this easy to maintain plant occasionally for bushier, well-rounded growth.

  • Birds of Paradise 

Lend your entrance an exotic, tropical vibe with a bird of paradise plant. We had you at tropical, right!? This tall beauty bears incredible paddle-shaped leaves that are gorgeous and glossy. It's a stunning plant to display individually or to pair up with other plants in a green corner of your home.

They can grow in sun or shade, although if you opt for an orange variant, let it sit in the balcony where it receives plenty of light. If you live in an area where it gets harsh in the winter, make sure to bring it inside before it gets too cold.

  • Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera- Home Plants- Leafy Island

The Monstera’s deeply notched, heart shaped leaves serve as the perfect aesthetic focal point for any open indoor space. This green charmer can spread out considerably, so put it in a statement-making spot in the living room. Or, place it a few feet away from a south, west, or east facing window (since bright indirect light is best).

Plenty of displaying options for this low maintenance tall plant, huh. The plant looks absolutely gorgeous in almost any & every setting. Place the plant inside a jute bag planter & you can elevate the entire room aesthetics by multiple folds.

Remember to keep those gorgeous leaves dust free with a regular wipe from a cotton cloth. 

  • Areca Palm
Areca Palm- Tall Plants- Leafy Island

Heads up! These big, bold plants command attention! Featuring lavish green leaves with drawn-out feathery fronds, Areca palms reach heights of up to 8ft in indoor spaces. Entrances, patios and balconies that seemed to be missing that green link have finally found their perfect (plant) match! This tropical palm is an excellent air purifier, so you can also keep it in the living room or beside your bed. Mist the leaves occasionally and enjoy the breezy ambience every morning!

This tall contender hails from the prestigious tropical regions, so it typically does better in warm, humid environments.

  • Ruffled Fan Palm 
Ruffle Fan- Tall Plants- Leafy Island

This palm is the true definition of a tropical, grand and architectural plant. Sit back and marvel at its graceful, pleated leaves! Reminiscent of an exotic fan dance, this uncommon gem grows tall and strong. Feel free to place it on balconies, terraces or backyards since it is resistant to wind exposure. You can also keep them in corners with partial shade and alongside curtains. If you have enough space for movement, then you can even station it in the living room to make a bold statement. It’s an acquiescent houseplant that is completely non-harmful, so don’t worry if you have toddlers or pets. Is this elegant palm the whole package or what? 

So, am I ready to take care of tall plants?

Caring for a variety of smaller houseplants is often an exasperating venture: too little light and plants will become leggy, lose colour variations, stop flowering, or stop growing altogether. Too much sunlight and you’ll have wilted plants with faded or scorched leaves. 

Tall plants on the other hand are more resilient and sturdy. Basically, they have better immunity against mealy bugs and spider mites than their undersized counterparts. They require low-maintenance, and look amazing in the living room. 

So the question you should ask yourself is, why not opt for a couple of large, dense foliage plants that can more than amplify the ambiance of your home? Just make sure you’re budgeting enough space around the plants for them to grow into.

Choose from this splendid collection of tall indoor plants to lend some personality to your home. While tolerant of diverse growing conditions, bright filtered light from a window, warm temperatures, and humidity is typically all you’ll need to keep many of these species happy and flourishing. Don’t stress over watering these plants too infrequently; believe it or not, these tough contenders pack in a lot more experience and can genuinely plough through. Honestly, they’re huge, so you can’t really walk past and not notice them!

Author: Siddharth Sharma

About the Author: Siddharth is a budding economics enthusiast and fervent admirer of the written word. He would love to see the world filled with innovative ventures and restore it's pristine habitats to their once dignified glory. When he's not writing, you can find him whipping up a delectable, wholesome meal. Siddharth is also a devoted plant parent and feels blessed to call Jaipur home.

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