Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant - Leafy Island
Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant
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Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant

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Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant is commonly known as Philodendron Golden Emerald, Fiddle-leaf philodendron, Gold Satin, Philodendron Golden Erubescens, Velvet Leaf. It is a part of the Araceae family. It is an evergreen and popular houseplant. The philodendron is an indoor as well as an outdoor plant.  

About Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant

  • It improves the quality of air by eliminating the harmful pollutants Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Trichloroethylene.
  • Philodendron Ceylon Golden plant can grow up to 10 feet in height.
  • The plant grows well indoor in warm surroundings but if grown outdoor make sure to place it in a shady area.
  • It is widely used for ornamental purposes.
  • The main attraction is its paddle-shaped leaves with the visible shades of golden cream or bright green.
  • Philodendron Ceylon Golden plant requires hot and humid conditions.
  •  It is an easy growing plant that requires minimal care
  • The Philodendron loves growing around Ferns, Dracaena, Aralia, Spathiphyllum (Peace Lilly) and Rhoeo plants.

What's Included?

  • Healthy Golden Ceylon plant of upto 2.5 feet of height. Mentioned height is including the pot height.
  • 12-inch pot & plate (brown or black in colour - depending on colour availability)
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  • PlantCare planner prepared by Botanist (shared over Whatsapp)

How to care for Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant?

Check below for the plant care tips:

Light and Temperature Tips for Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant

  • The temperature for Philodendron Ceylon Golden plant may vary between 13-30 degree celsius
  • Avoid frost and cold winter.
  • The plant blooms in bright and indirect sunlight but also survive in a shady area.
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it will result in leaves turning dry or shedding.

Water Tips for Healthy Growth of Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant

  • Water the plant when the soil is totally dry, and leaves are wrinkled slightly.
  • Let the top of the soil dry completely and later water accordingly.
  • Use well-drained moist soil and should avoid wet, dry, and sandy soils.

Fertilizing Tips for Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant

  • Use slow-release fertilizer during spring and liquid fertilizer during summer.
  • Fertilize once a month during spring and summer.
  • You can reduce during cold winters to once in 45-60 days.

Other General Tips for Philodendron Ceylon Golden Plant

  • Make sure to avoid overwatering and underwatering as it turns the leaves yellow
  • Repot your Philodendron Ceylon Golden plant during summer, while repotting pick a pot that is at least 1-2 inches bigger than your previous pot.
  • It can be grown in a hanging basket or moss stick.
  • Practice pruning every 3 months to train the plant to grow on a moss stick.