Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant - Leafy Island
Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant
Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant
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Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant

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Belonging to the Araceae family, Philodendron is an excellent houseplant. The leaves are glossy, textured and heart-shaped. They can survive anywhere between bright indirect light to partial shade and can brighten up any corner of the room. They make great ornamental choices as corner plants etc. These plants also have an added benefit as they fairly low maintenance and have air-purifying properties and can remove pollutants such as benzene, toluene etc from the inside atmosphere, improving the air quality.

About Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant:

  1. The young leaves are narrow and heart-shaped and are bright green in colour.
  2. The leaves have a glossy texture and they are popular choices as houseplants.
  3. These plants have air-purifying properties and are known to remove pollutants from the inside atmosphere.
  4. The plant is a fairly low maintenance plant and thrives on low watering as well.
  5. The plant is also partial shade tolerant.

What's Included?

  • Healthy Burle-Marx philodendron plant of upto 3 feet tall.  Mentioned height is including the pot height.
  • 10 inch brown/ black pot with plate (Color will depend on availability)
  • FREE Delivery
  • PlantCare planner prepared by Botanist (will be shared over WhatsApp on the day of delivery). 

How to care for Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant?

Here are some care tips for Philodendron Burle-Marx - Plant:

Light and Temperature tips for Philodendron Burle-Marx plant:

  1. The plant grows best in bright indirect light. Direct light burns the leaves, turning them brown.
  2. This plant will thrive in almost any environment, but if you want to give it a special treat, gently mist it twice or thrice a week. It grows best in a humid atmosphere.
  3. Normal room temperatures between 16-25 degree Celsius are great for the plant.

Watering Tips for Philodendron Burle-Marx Plant:

  1. Water the plant when the topsoil about 2-3 inch in the pot feels dry to touch.
  2. Water your plant when the top 2 inches of the soil is dry.
  3. Do not overwater the plant or it might lead to root rot.
  4. Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering during the winter and rainy season.

Fertilizing Tips for Philodendron Burle-Marx plant:

  1. During the main growing season, provide feed to the plant with organic fertilizer once a month.
  2. Aerate the topsoil without disturbing the roots of the plant so it can uptake the nutrients and moisture easily.
  3. Use sphagnum-peat moss for better drainage.

Additional Tips:

  1. The leaves are generally mildly toxic to pets and humans. The ingestion will cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting.