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Organic Coco Peat 900g - Soil Essentials for Healthy Roots

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Leafy Island Coco Peat is made from the outer husk of coconut and is a natural fibrous product. An essential soil mix addition to indoor and outdoor plants potting mix. All prices are inclusive of GST. The coco-peat comes packaged in a high quality zipper bag (resealable & water proof). 

What's Included?

  • Coco Peat bag weighing 0.9 kg (900 g) in a high quality - resealable zipper bag. 
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Why Use Coco Peat from Leafy Island?

  • 100% Organic : As opposed to peat moss, vermiculite or perlite, Coco peat is a natural fiber and is completely organic. It is also reusable up to almost 4 years. Being a biodegradable product, it is environmentally sustainable. 
  • High Moisture Retention : An additional benefit is that Coco peat increases the water holding capacity of the potting, reducing the chances of over watering or even under watering the plants.
  • Increased Soil Porosity : Coco peat addition increases the porosity of the soil. This not only ensures good drainage, but also better aeration. This enhances root growth and better root growth leads to better plant growth. This also means that greater yield is achieved through lesser quantity. 
  • Hydroponic (soil-less) Media : Being an organic media, Coco peat has a high CEC that allows nutrient release or absorb according to the plant needs. This feature makes it an excellent choice for seed germination media and hydroponics. 
  • Anti-fungal/ Anti-Bacterial : Being 100% natural, Leafy Island Coco Peat contains natural trichoderma, which acts as a natural bio-agent against harmful pests and pathogens

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