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Nutrient Rich Soil Box - 10Kg


Product details

A nutrient-rich soil mix pack for all your replanting and repotting need. The growth of every plant depends on the nutrients it receives. This soil mix contains balanced proportions of soil, coco peat and Vermicompost. The soil mix is prepared keeping the ratio recommended by Leafy Island's botanist. All prices are inclusive of GST. The soil mix comes packaged in a high-quality zipper bag (resealable & waterproof). 

What's Included?

  • Box containing set of 6 Soil Mix packets each in a high-quality zipper bag that you can reseal for longer duration storage. Total weight of the soil is 10 kg (The weight of the box may vary slightly due to loss of moisture in soil.)
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How to Use the Soil Mix for Replanting?

  • Use this Soil Mix when you are ready to repot your plant.
  • Ensure the pot has drainage holes before you start filling Soil Mix.
  • Fill 1/3rd of the pot with Soil Mix
  • Then place the plant at the centre of the pot.
  • Add Soil Mix along the sides to fill up the empty space.
  • Keep the soil aerated & do not pack it tight as it can damage the roots.
  • Water thoroughly till it starts seeping from the drainage holes.

Where all you can use Soil Box?

  • Indoor Gardening
  • Outdoor Gardening

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