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Grey-Black Metal Planters & Pot - Set of 2


Product details

Enticing floor stand planters that are sure to floor you with their stable and grounded designs, they share a story of our relationship with the earth. The designs create a dynamic form making them ideal as corner pieces or against stark monotone walls. These planters look as great clubbed together as stand-alone pieces. 

Grey-Black Metal Planters & Pot Features

  1. The planter stand set has a premium and sophisticated look. The stands have one pot each on top with a glossy black colour plated metal stand body. 
  2. These planters go best with medium-sized indoor plants.
  3. It can support plants of 12-24 inches in height.
  4. Use a soft and dry cloth to wipe dust.
  5. The price is inclusive of tax and the planter stand has FREE DELIVERY

What's Included

  • Two metal planter stands (dimensions mentioned in the table below)
  • Two metal pots (one for each stand)


Large PlanterDiameter
24 cm
74 cm
Medium PlanterDiameter
23 cm
64 cm


The product will be shipped separately from other items, delivery time is 6-8 days.

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