Dahlia Plant
Dahlia Plant
Dahlia Plant
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Dahlia Plant

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Belonging to Asteraceae family, Dahlia is a bushy plant which blooms big and bright hued flowers with colours ranging between red, yellow, purple etc. They are native to Mexico and Central America. They are an excellent garden additions and bloom through most of summer and early winters. The flowers have close garden family members such as Chrysanthemums, Zinnia, and Sunflower etc. They brighten up the surrounding with their bright colors and are highly recommended as ornamental flowering plants.

About Dahlia plant

  1. Dahlia flowers bloom in a range of colors in shades of white, yellow, orange, purple, or red and sometimes also, in dual colors and color gradations.
  2. They prefer full sunlight during the growing season.
  3. They are perfect for containers, baskets and gardens choices for flowering plants.
  4. They are an ideal options for apartments and small gardens.
  5. The plants do contain substances that are toxic to cats, dogs, so be sure to keep this in mind as you might put it in areas that might be explored by curious pets.
  6. There should be ideal placing between 2 plants for proper growth.

What's Included?

  1. Healthy Dahlia Plant with a colorful bloom. The bloom color can vary from red, white, yellow, orange, purple or even multicolored. 
  2. 8 Inch pots & Plate 
    1. Pune location - only brown pot is available
  3. FREE Delivery 
  4. PlantCare Planner prepared by botanist & shared on whatsapp on day of delivery.

Plant Care Tips for Dahlia Plant

Here is how you can care for Dahlia Plants

Light and Temperature Tips:

  • The plants require 6 hours of full sunlight so either you can place them outside or near a south facing window.
  • Exposing them to direct high intensity sunlight leads to an enhanced blooming capacity.
  • Maintain temperatures between 15- 30 degree Celsius.

Watering Tips:

  • The plant like a lot of watering so it is advised to water daily.
  • Keep the soil moist and ensure that the plant doesn’t get overwatered.
  • Over watering may lead to root rot.
  • During winters, watering can be reduces to every other day.
  • Inspect tubers for rot and remove effectively.

Soil Tips:

  • Use a well drainage rich compost soil.
  • Fertilize in spring before the fresh blooms appear.
  • Use a liquid balanced fertilizer once a month.