Cuphea Plant - Leafy Island
Cuphea Plant - Leafy Island
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Cuphea Plant

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Cuphea is one of the best, fuss- free, tropical flowering plants to have around which give a very non-traditional feels to your garden, bringing in a fresh change from the regular garden flowers. The plants comes in quality plastic pots which are attractive and appealing. The plants can bloom flowers ranging between purple, lavender to orange and even white. The plant poses an easy way to add a tropical flair to the garden. It can be grown as a ground cover, on hedges, baskets and hanging pots.

About Cuphea:

  • The plant blooms purple to lavender colour flowers almost year round, if you live in a frost free place.
  • The plant can tolerate full sun to partial shade. If kept in partial shade, do allow it to get morning or evening sunlight and then can keep at a bright location.
  • Water the plant only when the top soil is dry to touch. Water well in summers and reduce during winters. Do not over water the plant.
  • The plant can be fertilized with a diluted fertilizer once a month.
  • The plant is mostly used for ornamental purposes.

    What's Included?

    1. Healthy and robust Cuphea Plant of about 8 inches in height.  Mentioned height is including the pot height. Bloom colour may be Purple or White, based on availability.
    2. 8 Inch pots & Plate 
    3. FREE Delivery 
    4. PlantCare Planner prepared by botanist & shared on whatsapp on day of delivery.

    Plant Care Tips for Cuphea Plant

    Here is how you can care for Cuphea Plants

    Light and Temperature Tips:

    • The plants require 3-4 hours of full sunlight so either you can place them outside or near a south facing window.
    • Exposing them to direct high intensity sunlight leads to an enhanced blooming capacity.
    • Maintain temperatures between 15- 30 degree Celsius.

    Watering Tips:

    • The plant likes to be watered thoroughly during summers.
    • Keep the soil moist and ensure that the plant doesn’t get overwatered.
    • Over watering may lead to root rot.
    • During winters, watering can be reduces to every other day.

    Soil Tips:

    • Use a well drainage rich compost soil.
    • Fertilize in spring before the fresh blooms appear.
    • Use a liquid balanced fertilizer once a month.