Cordyline Fruticosa Plant - Leafy Island
Cordyline Fruticosa Plant - Leafy Island
Cordyline Fruticosa Plant - Leafy Island
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cordyline Fruticosa Plant - Leafy Island
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cordyline Fruticosa Plant - Leafy Island
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Cordyline Fruticosa Plant - Leafy Island

Cordyline Fruticosa Plant

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Cordyline Fruticosa is a stunning tropical plant with its distinct red edges leaves. The leaves are highly variegated and range in colours of pink, purple and deep red. The leaves are large and beautiful and are mostly used for ornamental purposes. It is one of the plants that love staying in a container and can survive for years if kept in a similar setting. This tropical plant, also commonly known as Ti Plant, grows like Dracaena, with its rosette of dark red leaves whorling around the main trunk. It can serve as an excellent stand-alone piece and can brighten up any setting. 

About Cordyline Fruticosa Plant

  • The plant has distinct leaves with a stunning shade of red bordering through the edges of every individual leaf. 
  • The main attraction is the large coloured leaves that range from colours between pink, purple and red.
  • The plant is a tropical plant and blooms flowers with good exposure to sunlight.
  • The plant can tolerate a variety of conditions and is a fairly low maintenance plant.
  • The plant loves to stay in a container environment and hence makes an amazing indoor addition
  • It is massively used for ornamental purposes.

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What's Included?

  • Healthy & robust Cordyline Fruticosa Plant of approximately 3ft in height. Mentioned height includes the pot height. 
  • 12 Inch of Round Brown/ Black Pot (as shown in image) along with the drainage plate. The default pot colour will be brown unless it is not in stock. 
  • PlantCare planner prepared by Botanist (will be shared over WhatsApp on the day of delivery). 
  • The mentioned specifications are indicative only. Actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

How to care for Cordyline Fruticosa Plant?

Check below for the plant care tips:

Light and Temperature Tips for Cordyline Fruticosa Plant

  • The plant prefers to stay in a brightly lit spot with filtered light. Direct light may burn the leaf tip.
  • Light exposure is very important for the plant to grow and develop the leaf colour. Brighter the filtered light, the richer the colour of the leaves.
  • It prefers a temperature between 18-27ºC.

Water Tips for Healthy Growth of Cordyline Fruticosa Plant

  • Water the plant when the topsoil is dry to touch. Overwatering leads to root rot.
  • The leaves should be misted early morning so that they get dry by night time. Wet leaves in cold temperature are a sure invitation to fungal problems.

Fertilizing Tips for Cordyline Fruticosa Plant

  • The plant should be fertilized every 45 days using a fertilizer with a concentration of 10-10-10.
  • Use a well-draining soil mixture. You can use a 2:1 ratio of soil to perlite for proper drainage.

Other General Tips for Cordyline Fruticosa Plant

  • The plant is highly toxic to pets if ingested.
  • If the plant starts growing too tall for indoors, then you can cut the tip too. That will check the growth immediately.