Calathea Roseopicta Dottie
Calathea Roseopicta Dottie
Calathea Roseopicta Dottie
Calathea Roseopicta Dottie
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Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

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Calathea Plant, Rose Rabbit Ear is an eye-catching indoor plant with highly variegated leaves that will make a statement in any location they are placed in. These neotropical varieties are closely related to Maranta plants and hence are also called 'Prayer Plant'. The name 'Prayer Plant' is derived from the folding nature of the leaves at night like folded hands in prayer. It is one of the most sought-after houseplants and is an excellent container companion. The plant likes to be a little pot bound, leading it to appear bushy and over-flowing from the container. It is an excellent houseplant addition and is a good stress-tolerant variety.

About Calathea Roseopicta Dottie

  1. It is a low maintenance houseplant.
  2. The Plant has dark-hued leaves with purple-maroon stripes over the leaves that bring out the dark colour of the leaves.
  3. The plant likes moist and humid conditions and can dry out quickly with inadequate moisture.
  4. Propagating this plant is very easy through division and cutting.
  5. The Plant is widely used for ornamental purposes.
  6. It can be used as a desk plant or in workspaces.
  7. The plant is a pet-friendly variety.

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What's Included?

  • Healthy & robust Calathea Plant of about 8-10 inches in height. Mentioned height is including the pot height.
  • 5 inch Square Pot with varied colours (as shown in the image below)
  • PlantCare planner prepared by Botanist (will be shared over WhatsApp on the day of delivery). 
  • The mentioned specifications are indicative only. Actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

How to care for Calathea Plant?

Light and Temperature tips for Calathea Plant

  1. The plant grows best in bright lighted, but shaded conditions. make sure to keep it in shade during hot summer months.
  2. The plant grows best in bright to medium light, but can also tolerate low light conditions.
  3. The temperature should vary between 18- 30 degrees celsius
  4. Avoid direct sunlight.
  5. The plant can also grow in low light levels, but make sure to let it soak up some bright light at least twice a week for better growth.

Water Tips for Healthy Growth of Calathea Plant

  1. Always examine the moistness of the soil and water accordingly.
  2. Make sure before watering that the top of the soil is not completely dried out since these plants are very susceptible to drought conditions. 
  3. The soil should not be completely dry.
  4. Overwatering causes leaf yellowing, leaf dropping and root rot.
  5. Reduce watering during winter months.

Soil Tips for Calathea Plant 

  1. Fertilize the plant twice in a month throughout spring and the growing season.
  2. Use half strength of 10-10-10 liquid high nitrogen fertilizer.
  3. You should use any organic fertilizer.