Bottle Cactus Succulent
Bottle Cactus Succulent
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Bottle Cactus Succulent

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Bring home a beautiful Bottle Cactus plant that will complement your pretty Ceramic and concrete planters. These succulents give off an explicit vibe and can amp up the aesthetics of corner spaces, desks and compact spaces. Slow growing and low maintenance, these plants are also super drought tolerant and perfect for newbie plant parents. Pot them in stylish and unusual pots and they are good to go for months. 

About Bottle Cactus Succulent

  1. The plant looks like small bunny ears with a spotted cactus outlook. 
  2. The plant can grow almost 3-4 inches in height.
  3. The plant is drought tolerant.
  4. The plant can survive partial shade but periods of shade can lead it to lose its bright colour foliage and leaf drop. 
  5. They can also grow on low-quality soil but grows best in coir and orchid bark soil mix. 
  6. They are quite low-maintenance plants.

What you will get?

  1. A lush green Bottle Cactus potted in a suitable soil mix.
  2. 3-inch Round Pot.
  3. FREE Delivery

How to Care for Succulents?

Here is how you can care for Succulent plants:-

Light and Temperature Tips 

  1. Succulent plants can grow in full shade to part shade; however, too much shade can cause them to lose their bright foliage colour and spindles their growth.
  2. The average temperature maintained for them can be between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  3. They can thrive in moderate humidity.

Watering Tips 

  1. The plants cannot tolerate clayey or water-clogged soil.
  2. The plants require low water for growing and can be watered once a week during summers and once every 10-15 days in winters.
  3. Too much watering leads to leaf rot.
Soil and Fertilization Tips 
  1. Use a well-draining, rich compost soil.
  2. Use an organic liquid fertilizer every 3-4 months.
  3. The soil should not be clayey and soggy.