Ajwain Plant
Ajwain Plant
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Ajwain Plant

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Ajwain is a perennial medicinal herb, often used in various cuisines. It is also known as Ajowan, Ajowan caraway, Bishop’s Weed, Carom or Trachyspermum ammi. Both seeds and leaves are consumed for this plant. The plant is native to India and Pakistan. Carom seeds is super beneficial and has found its uses in digestive disorders, hair growth and many other body ailments. It has also found its use in many Ayurvedic treatments and has other carminative properties. Ajwain is a very easy plant to grow and the plant has a soothing fragrance.

About Ajwain Plant:

  1. The plant has beautiful round green leaves that grow in clusters.
  2. The plant has a soothing fragrance.
  3. The plant is a fairly easy and low maintenance plant.
  4. Both seed like fruits and leaves are used in consumption.
  5. The seeds are used in many Ayurvedic preparations mainly those involving digestion and flatulence.
  6. The seeds are super beneficial for hair and other body ailments as well.
  7. The plant, mainly it’s fruits, is often used in various cuisines.

    What you get?

    • Healthy & robust Ajwain plant potted in the right soil mix. The height of the plant would be ~ 12 inches. Mentioned height is including the pot height.
    • 8 inch pot (Black/ Brown) & plate along with it (check dimension in the image)
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    • PlantCare planner prepared by Botanist (shared over Whatsapp) 

    How to care for Ajwain Plant?

    Here are tips on caring for Ajwain plant:-

    Light and temperature Tips for Ajwain Plant:

    1. The plant grows mainly as a perennial, so any outdoor setting with medium sunlight is preferred.
    2. It grown in all tropical temperatures ranging between 20 to 34 degrees Celsius.
    3. In colder temperatures, keep the plant indoors.
    4. It tolerates moderate humidity.

    Watering Tips for Ajwain Plant:

    1. The plant needs regular moderate watering, so that the soil is moist, but not soggy, at all times.
    2. Dry spells will lead to leaf drooping and dry leaves.
    3. Over watering may cause root and stem rot.

    Fertilizer Tips for Ajwain Plant:

    1. The plant requires alkaline, well-draining soil for best growth.
    2. Organic fertilizer can be used once every few months.