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9 Inch White Railing Oval Pots

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Adorn your garden with these stylish bucket-shaped railing planters with colourful variants to pop your balcony with blooms. Ideal for flowering varieties, and vining plants, these plants come in perfect sized for apartment, patio and terrace gardens that will decorate your green space the colourful way

9 Inch White Railing Oval Pots Features

  1. The railing pot comes in a pristine White colour & is suitable for all kinds of creepers, flowering plants succulents and vines. 
  2. The pot has a shape of a bucket with a curved handle to hang the pots easily with a sturdy plastic body that doesn't break easily & has a glossy finish.
  3. The pots can be used indoors, outdoors, patio and terraces gardens.
  4. The hanging pots are easy to clean. Use a wet cloth to wipe the dust from the pot once in 2 weeks.
  5. Price is inclusive of taxes & has FREE delivery

PS. These pots DO NOT have pre-drilled drainage holes. If you want pots with drainage holes, please mention the same in notes while placing the order.

Dimension & Specifications

Pot Upper Diameter~9 Inch
Pot Lower Diameter~5  Inch
Pot Height with Hook~12 Inch
Pot Height without Hanger~6 Inch
MaterialHigh-Quality Plastic
ShapeBucket Shaped
Number of Pots3/6/10



  • What is the material of the pot?
  • It comes in a plastic material treated with UV for long-lasting usage.  
  • Does it come with a plate?
  • No, it doesn't come with a plate. 
  • Will there be a hole already

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