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9 Inch Tulsi Round Pot - Traditional Pot


Product details

Buy this 9-Inch Terracotta colour Traditional Tulsi pot with God idols embossed on 4 sides. The pot is used for planting Tulsi which is considered a holy plant. The pot is made from plastic material that is long lasting and is built to bear outdoor heat & sunlight.

9 Inch Tulsi Round Pot Features

  1. The round-shaped Tulsi pot comes in terracotta color & is suitable for the planting of Holy Basil or Tulsi. 
  2. The pot has Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna & Goddess Laxmi embossed on each side of the pot. 
  3. The pot is a sturdy UV treated plastic body that makes it long-lasting.
  4. It comes in a semi-gloss finish. 
  5. The Tulsi pots are easy to clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth once in 2 weeks to remove dust that may have settled in it.  
  6. The price is inclusive of taxes.
  7. The pot has FREE delivery

PS. These pots DO NOT have pre-drilled drainage holes. If you want pots with drainage holes, please mention the same in notes while placing the order.

Dimension & Specifications

Top Diameter~9 Inch
Bottom Diameter~7 Inch
Pot Height ~8 Inch
MaterialUV Treated plastic



  • What is the material of the pot?
  • It comes in a plastic material treated with UV for long-lasting life.  
  • Does it come with a plate?
  • No, it doesn't come with a plate. 
  • Will there be a hole already in it?
  • No, you will have to make a hole in it while potting a plant. There are marks on the bottom of the pot to indicate where you can make holes.

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