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5 Inch Purple Vertical Hanging Pots- Set of 6


Product details

Buy this 5 Inch Purple color vertical garden hanging pot - Set of 6. The pot is widely used for vertical gardenscaping. You can use this pot to create your own vertical wall gardens. 

Hanging Pot Features

  1. The Vertical Hanging pot comes in a purple color & is suitable for all kinds of creepers, figs, flowering plants succulents and vines. 
  2. The pot has brick like design lines on the outside. 
  3. The pots has a sturdy UV treated plastic body that makes it long lasting.
  4. It comes in a semi gloss - semi matt rough finish. 
  5. The pots is extensively used for vertical gardening. You can create vertical rows of hanging plants (best suited) with these pots.
  6. The hanging pots are easy to clean. Just wipe with a wet cloth once in 2 weeks to remove dust if any. 
  7. The price is inclusive of taxes.
  8. The pot has FREE delivery

Dimension & Specifications

Top Length x Breadth~5.5 Inch x 5 Inch
Bottom Length x Breadth~2.5 Inch x 3 Inch
Pot Height ~5 Inch
MaterialUV Treated plastic
Number of Pots6



  • What is the material of the pot?
  • It comes in a plastic material treated with UV for long lasting.  
  • Does it come with a plate?
  • No, it doesn't come with a plate. 
  • Will there be a hole already in it?
  • No, you will have to make a hole in it while potting a plant. 
  • Are there other colors available?
  • Yes there are other colors available - check the table below for links.
Yellow Color - Set of 6
View Yellow Vertical Hanging Pot
Black Color - Set of 6
View Black Vertical Hanging Pot
Green Color - Set of 6View Green Vertical Hanging Pot


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