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11 Inch Khurpi - Gardening Tool


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Gardening has never been easier with these perfect companions for your plants. This Gardening tool is all you will need to ensure that you take care of your plants the right way. Durable, easy to use and an all-essential component, this tool is an all-rounder when it comes to soil and plant maintenance- whether it is loosening the soil or improving aeration.

The Khurpi helps in proper loosening the soil of your plant to ensure that the plant is growing in a uniform manner with a strong root system. Use the gloves to keep the grip sturdy when you dig the soil to promote aeration and drainage.  Make sure to keep it away from children and carefully use the sharp end for the digging. 


About 11 Inch Khurpi - Gardening Tool

  • Essentially used for tilling, digging and loosening soil, use this sturdy gardening tool to dig out hard and dry soil to loosen it.
  • Make sure to use this only on dry soil and not on wet soil. The tool is meant for surface application. If you are using it to till the soil for potted plants then make sure that you dig along the sides and be careful of the plant roots.
  • The Khurpi is a sharp object and it is advisable to wear gloves during its usage to ensure your hands are protected from cuts and debris.

What's Included?

1. 1x 11 inch Khurpi
2. Free Delivery

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