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1.75/3 Feet Coir Moss Stick

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Support your beautiful vining plants with these sturdy coir moss sticks that will support the long aerial stems of your favourite creeper plants. Standing tall at almost 3 Feet in height, these sticks are perfect for Pothos, Philodendrons and any other creeper varieties that need support to grow around and branch out well. The coir is super water-absorbent and can retain moisture for 2-3 days time to provide hydration to the aerial roots and stems. The coir is covered with a net to give a sleek and tidy appearance so that your plant can properly root itself in the moss stick and vine out well.

What You get?

  • Set of 1/2/3 Moss Stick (1.75/3ft Tall) with Metal Stem

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About Moss Sticks

The moss stick goes by many names – moss stick, bamboo stakes, plant supports, climbing pole, moss totem, etc. lt’s an object standing vertically with moss or a natural coco coir fibre covering it. The purpose of a moss pole is to emulate the natural growing environment of a climbing vine and provide it with micronutrients and water via aerial roots.

Essentially, the moss pole acts as a fake tree for your plants to cling to and is an excellent option for a wide variety of houseplant favourites, including Monstera deliciosa and many pothos options. The moss pole creates a tremendous aesthetic and provides your plants with support and nutrients.

Benefits of Moss Sticks

Many Vining housplants are epiphytes, a plant that grows on top of another plant (usually a tree). In the tropics, these plants grow on tree trunks toward the top of the forest canopy.

  • Nutrients & Moisture - through its coco fibre material, these Moss sticks provide moisture & a few micronutrients to plants that they wouldn't get in traditional pots or containers.
  • Mature Leaves - moss sticks promote mature foliage by allowing your plant to sense the pole’s support, which creates larger leaves as it climbs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal - having a plant grow upward helps you make use of small spaces – and it gives you the freedom to shape your plant however you feel.

How to Use a Moss Stick?

Moss Sticks are mostly used to support vining varieties. Here's how to use them:

  • Fill your desired planter 1/3 with soil.
  • Insert the moss stick in the middle of the pot and stabilize it using some damp soil at the base.
  • Pot your plant as close to the moss stick as possible, leave a 1-inch gap between the roots and the stick.
  • Tie the aerial stems in close concentric circles around the moss stick and tie them with jute or nylon strings to hold them in place.
  • Mist the stems and the moss stick for hydration every day.

Plants Suitable For Moss Stick

  • Pothos or Money plants
  • Philodendron plants
  • Monstera plants
  • Climbing Roses

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