English Ivy, Common Ivy - Leafy Island
English Ivy, Common Ivy - Leafy Island
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English Ivy, Common Ivy

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Belonging to family Araliaceae, Hedra helix, commonly called English Ivy, European Ivy and Common Ivy, is a species of flowering foliage plants that are native to Europe and Western Asia. It is a, aggressive, woody evergreen vine and is mostly used for ornamental purposes and in landscaping. It can be commonly seen to grow as a cover on brick walls and stone hedges to impart a lush green look to the surrounding. It is popular air-purifying houseplant and is grown in hanging baskets. In the wild, it is known to grow vigorously, often choking out other native species. It is one plant which gave Ivy Leagues colleges their names.

About the English Ivy Plant

  1. The variegated leaves are palmately five lobed and are bright green in color.
  2. They mostly grow as vines, climbers and creepers.
  3. The plant has air-purifying properties and is known to be a NASA verified air purifier plant.
  4. The plant can filter airborne toxins inside your homes including Benzene, Formaldehyde, Xylene and Toluene.
  5. The plant is a mostly used as ground cover and in landscaping.
  6. The plant is used for ornamental purposed and can be kept on balcony gardens as a hanging basket houseplant.

What you get?

  1.  English Ivy plant - healthy & lush green white
  2. 5 Inch Square pot (Black/ Red/ White color). You can select the color from the above options. 
  3. PlantCare Planner prepared by Botanist (shared over Whatsapp)
  4. FREE Delivery

How to care for English Ivy Plant?

Here are tips on caring for the English Ivy Plant:

Light and Temperature Tips for English Ivy Plant:

  1. In general, Ivy likes bright light, but avoid direct sunlightin summer as it may turn the leaves dry.
  2. During winter, plants may accept a bit of direct sunlight, such as when placed in south-facing windows.
  3. Outdoors, English Ivy grows best in moderate conditions, protected from harsh winter winds and excessive heat waves of summer.
  4. However, extreme humid conditions can encourage root rot and bacterial leaf spot.

Water Tips for English Ivy Plant:

  1. Potted Ivy plants prefers moist, humid conditions, but not soggy soil.
  2. However, don’t let the soil dry out completely and keep it evenly moist, which encourages attractive foliage throughout.
  3. Too much of moisture leads to root rot.

Fertilizing Tips for English Ivy Plant:

  1. During the growing season, the English Ivy should be fed with controlled-release fertilizer or biweekly with weak liquid fertilizer.
  2. Fertilization can be done every 3 months or so, since the plant is a light feeder.
  3. Repotting should be done every year or so.

Extra Tips:

Aphids and spider mites are the most common pests. Chemical insecticides or pesticidal soaps or organic Neem Oil are the best treatment for these meals pests.