Jade Plant with 5 Inch Square Pot - Leafy Island
Jade Plant with 5 Inch Square Pot - Leafy Island
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jade Plant with 5 Inch Square Pot - Leafy Island

Jade Plant with 5 Inch Square Pot

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Jade plant or Elephant bush is scientifically known as ‘Crassula ovata’. It is a succulent plant that has thick, shiny, and small leaves that originated in South Africa. It is commonly known as Elephant Bush, Elephant Food, Dwarf Jade, Small Leaf Jade, Porkbush. It is an easy growing plant that requires minimal care. It is a renowned house plant.

About Jade Plant with 5 Inch Square Pot:

  • The Jade plant has a small tree-like structure yet a beautiful house plant that does not require a high amount of soil.
  • It requires minimal care or maintenance.
  • The plant is also known as a good luck plant.
  • The plant has dark red colour stems with attractive green foliage.
  • It is an evergreen upright shrub that usually grows up to 2.5 meters
  • It is more comfortable with dry soil.
  • The plant requires direct sunlight for survival.
  • It is hardy and does not require much watering.
  • The Jade plant only requires 4 to 6 inches of container or pot.

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How to care for Jade Plant?

Light and Temperature Tips for Jade Plant:

  • It requires sunlight of around 4 to 5 hours.
  • Harsh sunlight can scorch the leaf surface.
  • The usual temperature requirement of the jade plant is 18° to 24°C.
  • The jade plant when kept under direct sunlight for more than the required time can result in the shedding of leaves.
  • It is preferable to keep it in a dry environment and heated homes.

Water Tips for Healthy Growth of Jade Plant:

  • Water the plant when the soil is totally dry, and leaves are wrinkled slightly.
  • The simplest way is to use a moisture meter, insert it into the soil, and get the reading.
  • Another way is to touch the leaves and if it feels plump (filled with water) then you do not need to water them at that moment.
  • If it is overwatered, the lower leaves will tend to fall downwards and if it is under-watered, the brown spots will be observed over the leaves.

Fertilizing Tips for Jade Plant:

    • The Jade plant does not require to be fertilized very often.
    • Do not fertilize the jade plant when the soil is dry, it can cause damage to the roots.
    • It requires a balanced water-soluble fertilizer that can be sprayed over the plant or directly can be poured over the soil in the pot.
  • Use high nitrogen, compost, and acidic fertilizer.

Other General Tips for Jade Plant:

  • Avoid overwatering and under-watering.
  • Repot the jade plant every three years respective to its growth.
  • Do not keep it in shade and away from direct light for a longer period for better growth of the plant.
  • It can be grown in a hanging basket as well as it does not require a high amount of soil.