Areca Palm, Dypsis Lutescens - Leafy Island
Areca Palm
Areca Palm, Dypsis Lutescens
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Areca Palm, Dypsis Lutescens

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Areca Palm is a landscaping interior plant as well as an air purifier indoor plant. Dypsis Lutescens is the scientific name of Areca Palm. It belongs to the Areca Catechu species from the Arecacea family. Commonly it is known by many names such as garden cane palm, yellow palm or butterfly palm. Areca palm is native to Madagascar and naturalized in the Andaman islands.

About Areca Palm, Dypsis Lutescens

  • Areca Palm is commonly used in interior landscaping and as an air purifier (natural cooler). It is a very common plant that is found in offices, malls, gardens, lobbies etc.
  • It’s a very beautiful, hardy plant that grows really tall and green and has become the top indoor plant that people prefer nowadays.
  • The main feature of this palm plant is the feathery arching fronds which have approximately 100 green leaflets that give a rich and tropical look.
  • All they need is bright indirect sunlight to grow beautifully as the direct sunlight turns the leaflets yellow

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What's Included?

  • Healthy & robust Areca Palm plant of up to 2 feet in height. Mentioned height is including the pot height.
  • 8 Inch of Round Black/ Round Pot (as shown in image) along with a plate
  • PlantCare Planner prepared by Botanist (shared on Whatsapp)

How to care for Areca Palm plant?

Optimum Light & Temperature conditions for Areca Palm

  • Areca Palm needs medium nurturing and care.
  • Areca Palm plant need indirect natural sunlight mostly from the south or west-facing windows. As direct sunlight can damage the foliage by turning it yellowish – green.

Soil & Watering Tips for Healthy Growth of Areca Palm

  • This plant prefers soil that is rich in nutrients and a bit acidic in nature.
  • Like all plants, Areca palm requires nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium so it is required to feed the plant with organic fertilizer once a month.
  • This plant demands to be watered regularly for keeping moist. One should keep in mind that overwatering the plant can make it soggy. One should let the soil dry while watering it in the winter and rainy season.

Other Tips for fast growth of Areca Palm

  • The areca palm is relative grows slow and prefers to be somewhat root bound therefore it requires repotting every 2 to 3 years.
  • One should repot it during the spring season with a 2 -4 inches wider pot than the current one.
  • Some basic tips for maintenance of areca palm is that Try and remove the dead and infected leaves with the help of plant protection. Avoid keeping the palm plant in direct sunlight or near the AC vents. Do not water the plant with no drainage holes.
  • If you notice an infestation in the plant, use insecticidal soap to overcome these pests. Also, make sure to keep it in a humid condition.