Hypoestes Pink Plant in Turtle Ceramic Pot (Daily Deals 8)

Hypoestes Pink Plant in Turtle Ceramic Pot (Daily Deals 8)

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Polka-dot plant or Hypoestes Phyllostachya is a stunning potted plant with vibrant spotted leaves of variegated colours. The leaves come with deep shades of pink, purple, red, green with mottled marks making them excellent container varieties to be kept at home and offices and if you have a balcony garden. They come in a wide range of colours and will have a pop of hue in an otherwise neutral setting that they are placed in. Mostly used for ornamental purposes, these plants are excellent options if you want a fuss-free, beautiful mini plant. 

About Polka-Dot Plant, Hypoestes Phyllostachya Pink Plant

  • The plant has deep pink leaves with black mottled marks on them with a prominent midvein. 
  • The plant has a habit of getting leggy, so for a bushier plant, pinch the top leaves to stop growth on the axial branches.
  • They are mostly summer and spring plants and grow best in hot and humid climates. 
  • These plants can be easily propagated through stem cuttings or even seeds.
  • They are mostly used in decorative aspects and can brighten up a neutral space

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What's Included?

  • One healthy Polka Dot plant potted with the right soil mix
  • Turtle Ceramic Pot
  • FREE Delivery

How to care for Polka-Dot Plant?

Check below for the plant care tips:

Light and Temperature Tips for Polka-Dot Plant

  • The temperature should vary between 15-25 degrees celsius
  • The plant thrives best in bright and indirect sunlight but it also survives in low or medium-light. 
  • The plant, if kept under direct sunlight, can get the leaves bleached out, losing their colour.

Water Tips for Healthy Growth of Polka-Dot Plant

  • Water the plant when the topsoil is moderately dry to touch.
  • The soil should be moist and not soggy.
  • Avoid overwatering and underwatering as it will most likely cause root rot.
  • Water regularly during summer/spring also gradually reduce during cold winters.

Fertilizing Tips for Polka-Dot Plant

  • These plants are heavy feeders, so use rich organic soil with compost. 
  • Use well-drained fertile soil. 
  • Feed with organic fertilizer once a month throughout the growing season.
  • The soil pH should range between 5.5 - 6.5.

Other General Tips for Polka-Dot Plant

  • Repot the Polka-Dot plant only if it has outgrown the current pot.
  • The mealybugs and spider mites might attack the plant if there is low humidity.
  • The leaves of the plant should not be ingested by humans, dogs, cats, and horses in very large amounts as they may get toxic. A mild amount of ingestion causes no harm to pets.

The leaves might turn brown due to low humidity, so it is suggested to mist the plant and move it to a place where there is comparatively more humidity.