Startup India Magazine: “Leafy Island” makes buying plants online trustable through its digital PlantCare services

Leafy Island, a Bangalore based start-up, has come out with a clean innovative way to solve for plant maintenance & plant care problems faced by plant parents. The startup not only provides healthy grown plants but also provides online support from botanists to every plant buyer. It is enabling plant buyers to get their plant related queries resolved by an expert botanist. Leafy Island is creating a niche in this overcrowded segment by focusing on providing bigger, more resilient (minimum 1 year aged) & healthy grown plants that are guaranteed to survive.

The startup went live in late July 2020 and has already delivered more than 6000 plants. The startup has kept its focus on building a community of plant lovers & already sees more than 30% of its revenue coming from direct sales. In a short span of just two months, it already sees more than 20% of its orders as repeat purchases. 

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