Top 5 Bedroom Plants For Better Sleep

Top 5 Bedroom Plants For Better Sleep

Social media has popularized interior decor ideas, now that we have just accustomed ourselves to be at home full time - and the major contributor of those are plants! Yes, you heard us right. Trending over influencing fashion lifestyle, plants have set their domain inside our living spaces, bringing with them not only the great outdoors, but a jungle of benefits. From the Air-Purifying Areca Palms to the fabulous Fiddle Leaf Figs, there is always a plant for every corner of your home.

Should You Keep Plants In Bedroom

Every time you decide to add a plant, there will always be someone who will tell you this - 

Myth - "Plants are bad for bedrooms because they emit Carbon Dioxide at night!"

And yes, plants do indeed respire at night, and this metabolic activity releases Carbon Dioxide as a by-product. But the amount of CO2 released is so negligible, that it doesn't affect you by any means. In fact, your pet, or even your partner respires out much larger amounts of carbon dioxide than plants!

Benefits of Bedroom Plants

There is a legion of benefits that plants exude.

  • They an active responder to removing the harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like Benzene, Formaldehyde, Xylene, Toluene etc.
  • Numerous studies are done regarding their air-purification properties, so much so that NASA dedicated an entire article study in their Clean Air Study by NASA with proven facts.
  • They play a key role in elevating your mood and reducing stress.
  • Plants are also a major element when it comes to Feng Shui. And to turn your bedroom space into a more breathable and comfortable zone, all you will need is a leafy element.


Check out these top 5 plants handpicked by our PlantCare Team - these plants help with reducing stress, improving sleep & air-purification for your bedroom.

Snake Plant, Sanseveria 

The ever beautiful and manageable Snake Plant is our personal favourite! If you belong to the community of plant lovers who just cannot keep a plant alive, then this is the plant for you. In fact, you will find it quite difficult to kill one. Not only can they survive low light, they are also known to be one of the best air-purifying plants. Numerous studies have also shown that Snake Plants generate Oxygen at night instead of Carbon dioxide at some levels- making it a bedroom superstar. 

Areca Palm

We have said it before and we will say it again, when it comes to tall, statement, luscious plants - nothing can beat the tropical palm. Its fringy fronds will ensure that you unwind well after a hectic day at work. And it being an air-purifying variety is not even the best part. Areca Palms are known to be completely safe around pets, so if you have a fur pup at home, then you can be rest assured for them to become best friends.

Spider Plants

If you have space constraints, but just want a perfect compact plant for your workstation to make those Google Meet meeting more bearable, then this is a highly recommended option. Its lined, bright green leaves give a very decorative feel, turning any dull corner otherwise. Packed with air-cleansing properties, these are lovers of bright light and stay happy at a filtered light corner of your home.

Philodendrons - Monstera, Ceylon

For all those whose bedrooms might not be equipped with flushed bright light, fear not, there is a plant for you too! Philodendrons are super adaptable plants, and a lot of them like Monstera Deliciosa, Golden Ceylon, Broken Heart Plant etc are vining varieties and can tolerate reasonable negligence and moderate light, with occasional exposure to bright filtered light. They give off a modern look and are especially suitable for plant parents who are always on the go.

Pothos - Money Plants

Nothing can beat this plant when it comes to adaptability and decor. Pothos or Money Plants with their variegated varieties can be found in every second home- and why not! These plants are super tolerant to low light to partial sunlight, can grow almost anywhere (even in water, yes!) and are averagely known to convert the most carbon dioxide into oxygen, even more than Snake Plants and Areca Palms. 

Looking for more options?

So now you know that adding plants are much more than just decorating your room. Make your choice based on what your requirement is. Check out the entire list of Botanist recommended Plants for Bedroom.

If your room gets bright filtered light - go for a Snake Plant. If you are a patron of no-fuss houseplants, Areca Palm and Parlour Palms are your plants. If you want a plant to survive the dim-lit spaces, then go right ahead and pick up a Philodendron.

If you are still not sure of what plants to get for your bedroom, you can check our Plant Picker Quiz or even consult one of our Plant Experts to assist you with the same!



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