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Top 5 Most Sought After Christmas Plants

02 Dec 2022


The most happening time of the year is around and how better to celebrate the last few days of the year than to flaunt Mother Nature's natural flair? Be it a house party, a family get-together, or just to spruce up your home this festive season, Christmas Plants are some of the most eye-catching additions to your home.

Winter blooms make bold statements with their popping colors and unique looks. While some are completely seasonal and do not survive the rest of the year, there are quite a few varieties that do well even post the merry time. True, Christmas plants might take a little more maintenance than their perennial counterparts, but hey, a little extra goes a long way, right?


Extending the lifespan of seasonal plants is possible, you will need to give them extra attention during their dormant months. A bit of timely trimming & smart location setting will come in handy.


Let's have a look at some of the amazing plants that you can use to decorate your Tinsel Town this year!

1. Poinsettia

Nothing spells Christmas like Poinsettias. These beautiful indoor plants with their scarlet hues and dark green foliage readily set the mood for the holiday spirit. Not only are they amazing gifting options for your dear ones, but they are excellent medium-maintenance indoor varieties that with proper care can last the dormant months to bring back your Christmas spirit at this time of the year!

2. Christmas Tree

What is Christmas without a Christmas tree, right? But sadly with our space constraints, we might not be able to bring the original tall ones to add the star to our homes. This is where the Cypress varieties come to our rescue. These needle-shaped compound leaves give the excellent foliage shape to hang the pretty stars and bells, to jingle all the way into new years eve. And what's more! They can survive in shaded environments for the entire year for you to reuse them.

3. Cypress Plants


These tree-shaped sun-loving plants are naturally good options if you are looking for an outdoor Christmas tree for your home. Cypress plants belong to the family of joy bringers and are excellent options if you are looking for a versatile plant for not only decorating during Christmas but also during the other non-festive months. 


4. Croton Plants

Surprised? These visually appealing plants with their splashes of red, yellow, and green emit the warm tropical vibes that some of us look forward to during these cold months. Absolutely low maintenance and sun-loving, Crotons are a beautiful complimenting plant to your Christmas decor, especially if you are looking forward to adding something bright to your outdoor space but do not want to work too hard behind it.


5. Anthurium Plants 

If you are looking for traditional aesthetics, then this is your plant that screams Christmas. Indoor flowering, low maintenance, and heart-shaped leaves will bring your mind back to the Christmas cheer wherever you keep this plant. The rich red spathes with their lush foliage are an excellent gifting option and plant, especially for amateur gardeners. Not only that, the plant keeps blooming the entire year with proper maintenance and the blooms stay up for more than a couple weeks at once!

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Plants come with a long list of benefits. Not only do they clean the air around them, they also are known to be mood enhancers, stress relievers, and improving focus. In Feng Shui and traditional cultures, there are a lot of plants that are associated with luck, prosperity, money, and abundance. Apart from that, adding a green element greatly enhances the decor and aesthetic appeal of any space, monochromatic or not. 


With the impending climate crisis, let's make a more conserved and thoughtful choice as we step ahead into the new year. Plants come with immeasurable benefits, not only to yourself but to your surroundings as well. Choose green, not only to decorate your home but also to aid the environment. Because what's merrier than to see your little plant grow with you each year?