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Decorate Your Home - The Green Way

06 Dec 2022


Green Room - Leafy Island

As we approach more into the oppidan lifestyle, we tend to bring the great outdoors to our living spaces. Rugged carpets, faux grass covers, wooden furniture, and stone showpieces are just some of the simple examples of how we try to include nature-inspired elements in our sophisticated apartments. But amongst all of the various ways in which we try to sneak nature into our homes, perhaps, plants are the most remunerative of them all. From the office to indoor locations, plants are the most underrated and underestimated additions to our dwellings or living spaces. And as we are nearing a work-from-home setting, where most of our time is spent indoors, the questions should shift from “Should I get plants?” to “What is the best plant according to this location of my home?”

The consensus is clear- a healthy plant addition quite literally breathes life into your living space. There are numerous reasons to support this- plants remove harmful toxins from your indoor atmosphere making your indoor air clean and healthy to breathe, many plants harbor the benefits of aromatherapy, they are known to improve and decrease stress levels. The benefits are countless. Whether you are a green thumb, a red thumb, or any other thumb from the color palette, there are always ways to include these leafy friends and start a green life.

1. Floor Plants:

floor plant - Ruffle Fan Palm- Leafy Island

Be it coming from a professional interior designer or a close family member, the first type of indoor plant that you can invest in is floor plants. You can experiment a lot with the color, type, height, and texture of the plant as per your desire. The best part of floor plants is that they find themselves limited to the domain of scale. You can add a small floor plant to compliment your antique cupboard or a huge Areca to give a tropic vibe while you lounge on your sofa, or even a Ruffle fan palm that is sure to elevate the whole appearance of the location. The versatility of plants is an added advantage when they are extensively used in decor space. There will always be a room with too much color or too much monotony- and plants are the perfect option to create a blend and harmony. The best part about them is that you can select any plant according to the light the location gets. Next time when you detect a lonely corner, an empty space, or just a location that looks bare, throw in the secret ingredient- floor plants! and you are good to go.


However, do keep a few pointers in mind while you are placing a plant in that location. Make sure to assess the light intensity of the location. Most indoor plants thrive in bright, filtered sunlight with lots of humidity. Make sure they are not getting direct sun. If you are looking for a sun-tolerant foliage indoor plant then do make sure that twice a week you let it get a full day of sun for immunity and pigment development, with regular spraying and misting of the leaves. Also, choose a plant that does not overpower or overturn. For large statement plants like Monstera deliciosa, Fiddle leaf fig, etc, make sure to wipe the leaves at least once a week for better leaves.

Some of the best floor plants that you can get are:
1. Monstera Deliciosa is the perfect floor plants for living spaces, couch sides, and corner locations.
2. Areca Palms make the ideal bedroom because of their air-purifying properties.
3. Philodendron Burle Marx is an excellent plant choice for those parents who like low-maintenance houseplants.

2. Succulents and Cacti:

We agree that not all of us are born with a green thumb or are experienced, plant parents. In fact, we all have had our fair share of mini-anxiety attacks with those first yellow leaves. Caring for plants is tricky in general, but caring for different plants with different care routines is even more difficult. However, if you are one of those budding plant enthusiasts who haven't had much luck with plants or have a history of them dying on you, then succulents might be just your answer to rediscover your way into green living and kick-start your plant journey again! These hearty plants are neglect tolerant and can grow in a variety of environmental conditions. Because these plants are no strangers to arid conditions in their native wild state, they tend to forgive the less hospitable atmosphere that might not be very suitable for the growth of other indoor houseplants. In addition to their durability and longevity, they tastefully complement the aesthetics of the interior with a more modern touch with their geometric shapes.

These are some of the perfect succulents if you like hassle-free, neglect-tolerant plants:
1. Kalanchoe are some of the best succulent flowering plants that can tolerate a range of conditions.
2. Jade Plants love the sunlit location and are amazing additions to window-side desks.
3. Snake Plants are not your typical succulents but have amazing air-purifying properties. 

3. Table Top Plants: 

If you are an avid researcher of plants for decoration purposes, then you must know that big is not always the answer. Desk plants are some of the best addition you can think of when you are getting plants. The most proper way of mingling the aesthetic value and functionality of the plant is to just let the plant be and let it adjust and thrive to its best in its natural environment while having some use. Plants such as Syngoniums, ZZ Plant, and Aralia Plant are excellent air-purifying plants that make great desk addition. Also, these are a great addition to your homes in case you have space constraints and/or not-so-bright locations with a minimal amount of light. Not only will they fill the space with a healthy, living alternative, but will also have a plethora of benefits.


table palm- desk plants- Leafy Island

The advantage of using desk plants is that you can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and can actually choose plants according to the amount of light that the spot gets. Window desks that get abundant sunlight are perfect places for those plants that have a passion for sunlight, such as Jade plants, succulents, flowering plants, etc. Not only do they add beauty and a dash of green to the space, but also help in eliminating decor with man-made and processed items. Plants such as Table Palm, Anthuriums, Peace Lily, and Money Plants- that are potent air-purifiers, but do not need a lot of light for survival are perfect options to put in small planters with complementing shades. 

Tabletop plants are beautiful green additions to open spaces, and these are some good options to check out:
1. Anthurium is an excellent plant for those who are looking for indoor flowering plants.
2. Table Palm goes well in dark corners that do not get a lot of bright filtered light.

4. Air Plants:

The new rage among plant parents is the amazing Air Plants. Requiring practically zero potting medium for growth, these plants can, quite literally, be kept just about anywhere. From failed terrariums to decor tops, they can survive anything and anywhere. Basically epiphytes, Air plants don't really need soil to grow since their trichomes can drive nutrients and moisture from the atmosphere and can start growing. Though in wild there is competition for light and water since they invade the tree trunks, you can give them a little care in your homes and they will be perfectly happy. Air plants look amazing in empty corners as hanging plants, low light countertops, and other locations that are not very supportive of your regular plants.

Now, if you are positive that you just do not have the patience, perseverance or luck (for that matter) of having a leafy friend, fret not. You can always pay homage to the wild by decorating with artificial plants. However, we do recommend that you start small and gradually work your way up to having more plants. Plants like Money Plants, Peperomia, etc practically can grow just about anywhere...and maybe along the way you might find yourself getting a pretty little Orchid for your space. And when you are absolutely positive that your thumb is slightly turning green, all it will need is a little creativity to have a plant. You can even have Moss frameworks, and Vertical gardens- the horizon stretches wide and vast, and all it requires is one little step to a greener living.

Room of plants- leafy island